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Pianist Sten Lassmann is the laureate of Heino Eller Music Prize 2011

Sten Lassmann
Photo: Edith Raamat

The 14th Heino Eller Music Prizw was ascribed to pianist Sten Lassmann for the performances and recordings of Heino Eller’s piano music in 2008–2011. Ceremonial handing of the prize will take place on March 22 at 4 pm at Estonian Theatre and Music Museum. In addition to the monetary prize and a diploma, the award includes a walking stick, handmade of pine tree by Heino Eller himself.

At the present time, Sten Lassmann continues his PhD studies at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He has dedicated himself to the goal to record all Eller’s piano works and the presentation of CDs is planned to take place in 2012.

The Heino Eller Music Prize is awarded by the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum as a curator of composer’s heritage and owner of his copyright. The list of the laureates include composers Tauno Ainst, Mart Siimer, Tatjana Kozlova, Ülo Krigul, musicologist Tiia Järg, music teacher Vivian Tordik et al.

Laura Vaikma