Concert tour „Heino Eller. Estonian Elegy“ under the baton of Tõnu Kaljuste

Tallinn Chamber Orchestra. Photo: Rene Jakobson

This week, Tõnu Kaljuste and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra will start the concert tour „Heino Eller. Estonian Elegy”, bringing the music of a beloved composer to the small places of Estonia. The opening concert will take place on Thursday, August 12 at 7.30 pm in Kambja St. Martin’s Church in Tartu County.

The program includes works from different decades of Eller's creative life: „Elegy” (1931), „Lyrical Suite” (1945), „Nenia” (1928), „Sinfonietta” (1965–1967) and „Five Pieces for String Orchestra” (1953), the last part of which is Eller's most popular work „Homeland Tune”.

Concerts will take place on:
August 12 at 7.30 pm in Kambja St. Martin’s Church
August 13 at 7.30 pm in Hageri St. Lambertus Church
August 14 at 7 pm in Triigi Philharmonic
August 17 at 7.30 pm in St. Nicholas’ Church in Põltsamaa
August 18 at 7.30 pm in St. Paul’s Church in Viljandi
August 19 at 7.30 pm in Räpina St. Michael’s Church

Heino Eller (1887–1970) is the founder of Estonian professional national music culture and a leading figure of the influential Tartu music school in the first half of the 20th century. In addition, Eller's contribution to Estonian music life is passed on by his students, the most famous and influential of whom are Arvo Pärt, Jaan Rääts, Lepo Sumera, Eduard Tubin, Villem Kapp, Kaljo Raid, Boris Kõrver, Anatoli Garšnek, Leo Normet, Valter Ojakäär, Uno Naissoo, Arne Oit , Heino Jürisalu, Alo Põldmäe – all of them were inspired by Eller to find his own path and inspiration, which created the ground for the development of very unique Estonian composers. The upcoming concert tour provides an opportunity to return to the roots – Eller.

More info: Tallinn Chamber Orchestra