Choir conductor and composer Gustav Ernesaks

Choir conductor and composer Gustav Ernesaks
Estonian Music Information Centre 2004

The second book in the series “Estonian Classical Music” is an overview on the life of the outstanding figure of the 20th century Estonian music. Includes materials about his pedagogical work, his role as the founder of Estonian National Male Choir, organiser and chief conductor of Estonian Song Festivals.

Booklet includes CD with 73 minutes of music by Ernesaks (“My Native Land, My Dearest Love”, evergreen children song “Train Trip”, excerpt from the opera “The Stormy Coast” and many others).

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Author: Tiia Järg
Published in 2004
Text in Estonian and English
60 pages
Format 150x210mm
54 photos
Translation: Urve Läänemets
Design: Everi Vähi
Editor: Kaja Irjas
Published by Estonian Music Information Centre