Estonian Incantations 1

Estonian Incantations 1

Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir performs music by Raul Sööt, Robert Jürjendal, Sven Grünberg, Tauno Aints

Toccata 2019

Tauno Aints. (’Flogging’), concerto for electric guitar and mixed choir
1. Part I A Charm against Flogging Audio Player
2. Part II A Charm against Pain
3. Sven Grünberg. Kas ma Sind leian? (Will I Find You?) for chamber choir and seven-string acoustic guitar
4. Robert Jürjendal. See öö oli pikk (The Night was Long) for chamber choir and three electric guitars
5. Raul Sööt. Vaikusestki vaiksem (Quieter than Silence) for chamber choir and two guitars
6. Tauno Aints. teid täname (…we thank you) for mixed choir and improvisers

Marzi Nyman, guitar (Tracks 1 – 2, 6)
Andre Maaker, seven-string acoustic guitar (Tracks 3, 6)
Weekend Guitar Trio (Tracks 4, 6)
Ain Agan, fretless guitar (Tracks 5, 6)
Paul Daniel, electric guitar (Tracks 5, 6)
Annika Lõhmus, vocal (Track 5)
Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir
Kaspars Putniņš, conductor
Robert Jürjendal, electric guitar, electronics
Tõnis Leemets, electric guitar, electronics
Mart Soo, electric guitar, electronics

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