Vision of Estonia II

Vision of Estonia II

Veljo Tormis author CD

Alba Records 2004

1. The Ballad of Mary’s Land
2.–5. Reflections with Hando Runnel
2. A Very Ancient People…
3. Is There Solace…
4. We Have No Mecca…
5. Another Seven Hundred Years…
6.–8. Days of Outlawry
6. There Was No Sun
7. Brothers
8. And Neverthless, Love
9. God Protect Us from War
10. Journey of the War Messenger
11. Let the Sun Shine!
12. Voices from Tammsaare’s Herdboy Days
13. Forget-me-not
14.–23. Men’s Songs
I series
14. Men’s Song
15. Bundling Song
16. Betrothal Visit Song
17. Drinking Song
18. Song of the Turkish War
II series
19. Sailor’s Song
20. Serf’s Song
21. Dancing Song
22. Bawdy Song
23. Village Song

Estonian National Male Choir, Ants Soots (conductor).

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