As the sand behind the sea...

As the sand behind the sea...

Sacred music by Evelin Kõrvits

Credo-Allika kammerkoor 2015

1. God has set in our heart eternity
2.-7. Passion
2. The King's Arrival
3. Lament for Jerusalem
4. Gethsemane
5. Crucifixion
6. Chorale
7. The morning of resurrection
8. Holy Ghost is like a wind
9. Every man is but a breath
10. Setting
11. Autumn song of a grateful harvester
12. Every end is a new beginning
13. Rainbow
14. Land of memories
15. Nothing can ever separate us
16. What is man?
17. Prayer of hope
18. Dona nobis pacem
19. As the sand beside the sea...

Credo-Allika Chamber Choir, Collegium Consonante, ensemble Tuli Taevast, Ivo Lille (saxophone), Eneli Hiiemaa (flute), Triin Preisfreund (kannel), Eivin Toodo (violin), Rain Rämmal (piano), conductors Eivin Toodo, Margo Kõlar, Riina Tikenberg

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