Calendar of Music Events

Medieval Days. Early Music Ensemble Tabulatúra (Hungary)

06.07.2024 - 06.07.2024
Location: Niguliste museum. Tallinn
Time: 15:00

Tabulatúra was founded in 2000, and the ensemble set itself the goal of introducing its listeners to medieval, renaissance and early baroque music, as well as the music that was once widespread in historical Hungary.

Huber Henriett: recorders, hurdy-gurdy, percussion,
Rossa Levente, band leader: rebec, quinton violin, violin, baroque violin, voice
Bencze Balázs, artistic director: lutes, cobza, penorcon, theorbed cister, baroque guitar, classical guitar, lyre, voice;
Lénárd Kata: voice, harpsichord;
Ádám Buda – koboz, hurdy-gurdy

At their concerts, they use historical instruments and, if possible, period settings, which enhance the experience of concert visitors, creating an authentic atmosphere and mood. In addition to its concerts, Tabulatúra also takes part in various traditional events and festivals both at home and abroad. Over the years, six LPs have been released, in addition to this, the band has contributed to the recordings of many other artists’ music, as performers in historical films, plays, musicals, museums and other cultural projects.
The band’s program includes music from the Middle Ages to instrumental pieces from the Reformation era. The ensemble has permanent members and, depending on the specifics of the programs, several permanent participants.

Entrance 15/10€ (museum ticket included)
Info and tickets: Niguliste museum