Calendar of Music Events

Festival Glasperlenspiel. BAROQUE MEETS THE MIDDLE EAST

Location: Viljandi Baptist church
Time: 17:00

Festival Glasperlenspiel in cooperation with Viljandi Early Music Festival

Avventura Barocca (Switzerland), Maya Amir (mezzo-soprano, Israel), featuring Andres Mustonen

Programme: Strozzi, Monteverdi, anonymous, Sartori, traditional, Lully, Itri, Ali Ufkî Bey, Wahab, Corelli

A joint concert by Swiss ensemble Avventura Barocca and Israeli singer Maya Amir will bring together music that seems distant and different only at first glance. The Mediterranean and Levant regions have historically served as vibrant intersections of diverse cultures, fostering an exquisite fusion of musical styles. Avventura Barocca’s concert delves into the depths of these influences, performing a repertoire that represents the rich musical traditions of European Baroque style and Oriental traditions. The musical journey on offer makes stops in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Turkey and Israel, featuring each composition as a gateway to the lively tapestry of sounds originating from these regions and showing a harmonious amalgamation of diverse cultural legacies. Avventura Barocca is a Baroque collective founded by Maya Amir, and consists of specialists of historically informed performance who all have graduated prestigious Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Born in different countries across the world, each member adds to the ensemble a genuine flavour.

Tickets: Piletilevi
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