Calendar of Music Events

Festival Glasperlenspiel. OUT OF THE SHADOWS

Location: St John’s church (Jaani kirik), Tartu
Time: 22:00

Ben Vonberg-Clark (tenor, UK), Jonathan Eyers (baritone, UK), Nigel Foster (piano, UK)
In programme: Hugill
Musicians Ben Vonberg-Clark, Jonathan Eyers and Nigel Foster, prominently active in London’s vibrant cultural scene, will bring to the Glasperlenspiel an interesting and thoughtful programme, which premiered in London in February 2023. At the heart of it are two cantatas by British contemporary composer Robert Hugill, one inspired by re-reading of Graham Robb’s book Strangers: Homosexual Love in the Nineteenth Century, telling the story of the homosexual men’s gradual emergence in the 19th century, and another exploring different approaches to life after death using texts from Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Walt Whitman’s poetry and others. Alongside the cantatas, a number of songs will be performed celebrating love in all its forms.

Tickets: Piletilevi
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