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Pärnu International Organ Festival: Limping Rhythm Algorithms

Location: St Elizabeth's Church, Pärnu
Time: 20:00

Luana Lourenco Gundersen (flute & piccolo, Portugal)
Ines Maidre (organ)
The "limping effect" occurs in music in connection with irregular time signatures, such as 5 and 7, as well as the unequal division and syncopation in symmetric time signatures. In particular, we find "limping rhythms" in southern folklore, from where it has widely spread into art music. 

Programme: G.F. Sances, P. Bruna, J.L. Krebs, J. Alain, E. Carrapatoso, V. Ojakäär, H.-A. Stamm

Entrance with the donation of 10/15€
More info: Pärnu International Organ Festival