Calendar of Music Events

Haapsalu White Nights Music Festival: Letters from Konrad Mägi

Location: Haapsalu Culture Centre
Time: 16:00

Director Ott Aardam
Visual artist Andri Luup
Composer Georg Jakob Salumäe
Video artist Léon Augustin Allik
The letters are read by Helvin Kaljula, Kristjan Üksküla, Erik Richard Salumäe, Andri Luup
The string quartet of students of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre:
Marii Piirsalu (violin)
Grete Heinsaar (violin)
Kristin Klesment (viola)
Loo Arukask (cello)

The letters of painter Konrad Mägi are a very interesting addition to his visual heritage. When experiencing them together, the vast abyss between the artist’s creative ideals and everyday life is clearly present. An eternal question is arised. Is the artist creative because of the unbearable circumstances, or is a uncomfortable life an obstacle of the creative process?

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