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Music of Your Condition

Location: Arvo Pärt Centre, Laulasmaa
Time: 17:00

With a concert on May 11, Oleg Pissarenko will present his new album “Music of Your Condition”.

The phenomenon of awareness, the boundless multi-layeredness of the inner world of a person, incredible possibilities open up on invisible levels – these are the levels of the Great Unknown, into which we will dive with the author’s new music.
At the concert, songs from the new album will be played on a specially prepared Steinway piano and guitar.

Oleg Pissarenko is a mysterious musician and composer, whose search for musical truth has led him to a minimalist sound language, in which the author himself sees the potential of a tool necessary for the self-healing of the human psyche. Having created original music for over 20 years, releasing 10 albums, Pissarenko is convinced of the possibility of music’s supporting effect on the development of a person’s inner processes.

The album “Music of Your Condition” (“Seisundi Muusika”) is produced in cooperation with Peeter Salmela’s studio.

Ticket: Piletikeskus
More info: Arvo Pärt Centre