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Estonian Music Days

Location: Tartu city
Time: 12:00

Soundwalk in Tartu

A soundwalk is a spiritual and physical practice that combines art, movement meditation, perceptiveness and environmental consciousness. During our soundwalk, groups will be guided through the city of Tartu, focusing on various sounds that the environment provides at any given moment. The soundwalk will be carried out by Märt-Matis Lill and Leho Rubis.
A soundwalk inspires us to listen and open our minds to the complex sound fabric constantly created by the environment that surrounds us. It’s a musical journey to discover soundscapes that might initially seem simple and even primitive, but at a closer look, they open a surprising and unexpectedly plentiful sound palette.

Free with pre-registration. The number of vacancies is limited, so please pre-register at the address:

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