Calendar of Music Events

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn. Scrapyard 3.0

Location: Kanuti Guild Hall, Tallinn
Time: 19:30

Third edition of Scrapyard is made of works by Hugo Morales Murguia; and is a result of composer's residency with Ensemble for New Music Tallinn.
Scrapyard is a performance series of Lo-Fi music shows. The aim of which is to have a mixture of DIY and Lo-Fi music, with contemporary classical music.
During these events, we employ many different aspects of performance art, technology and media. A complete interdisciplinary experience.

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn
Talvi Hunt
Paul-Gunnar Loorand
Madis Jürgens
Arash Yazdani
Karl Erik Laas
Helena Tuuling

Hugo Morales Murguia

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