Calendar of Music Events

International Contemporary Music Festival AFEKT

Location: Tallinn, Muba Chamber Hall
Time: 19:00

Piano and Voices

Talvi Hunt (piano)

Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes – “Mat’Selesnya” (2022, premiere)
Peter Ablinger – “Loudspeakerpiece in 28 images” (2022)
Peter Ablinger – “Voices and Piano” (selection)
Mu-Xuan Lin – “Pale Fire” (2016)
Peter Ablinger – “Loudspeakerpiece in 11 images” (2022)
Einike Leppik – “Something is Wrong III. Chasing Nothing” (2022, premiere)
Beat Furrer – “Voicelessness. The Snow Has No Voice” (1987)

Ticket: Piletilevi
More info: Festival Afekt