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Estonian Music Days

Location: Theatrum, Tallinn
Time: 19:00


Iris Oja (voice)
Kärt Tõnisson (movement)
Tarmo Johannes (electronics, flute)
Theodore Parker (electronics, electric guitar)
Ene Nael (spinet, clavichord, sound objects)

Composer Tatjana Kozlova-Johannes
Libretto author, Director Liis Kolle (based on Maarja Kangro’s novel ’The Glass Child’)
Scenographer, Costume designer Ann Lumiste
Choreographer Kärt Tõnisson
Video artist Sander Põldsaar
Light artist Helvin Kaljula
Make-up artist Aimi Etverk
Sound designer Tammo Sumera
Production manager Margit Roosaar
Producer Svea Ideon-Marks

April, 23 at 19.00 premiere
April, 24 at 16.00
April, 25 at 19.00
April, 26 at 19.00

The work created in the process of parallel creation uses the synthesis of pronunciation, analog and digital sound, word, body, movement, object, instrument, light, projection and space to say the unspeakable and to express the inexpressible in words. The work delves into a mental and emotional state determined by the memories stored and locked in the body and psyche. How to live in a body hit by a cosmic catastrophe?

We see a person whose inner world has flown to pieces, and everything around her seems fragmentary and separated from her by an invisible wall. The character, who is embodied by two performers – a singer and a dancer – no longer perceives herself or the outside world well. But there is a life going on around her and she has to move on with her life somehow. How does she do it, what choices does she make, what support points does she use? How does she try to express herself in a situation for which the words have not been created – where the words ’have shown themselves to be useless and meaningless’, as Maarja Kangro notes in her novel “The Glass Child” in 2016. In the course of the previous corrosive, ashing process, the character has become transparent, as if an X-ray image of both his physical and mental interior had been shown continuously and everywhere. Society projects its fears and hopes into this human laboratory.

The performance is without an interval and lasts about 1 hour.

The performance is recommended from the age of 12.

Ticket: Piletimaailm
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