Calendar of Music Events

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn concert in Berlin Sound Plasma festival

Location: Musikbrauerei, Berlin, Germany
Time: 21:00

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn will perform new work by the famous Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas, specially written for ENMT and the unique sixth-tone harmonium, by Miroslav Beinhauer as soloist. In addition to Haas' work, the concert will feature new works by Marc Sabat, Gérard Pape, Klaus Lang and Arash Yazdani.
For the concert, the Czech National Museum provides the ensemble with a special sixth-tone harmonium, which belonged to the Czech composer Alois Hába (1893-1973). This three-manual custom-built harmonium, specially built for Haba, is in a unique sixth-tone tuning and is displayed as an exhibit at the Czech National Museum in Prague. The Ensemble for New Music Tallinn has an extraordinary agreement with the museum, which allows to use the instrument for newly written pieces.


Georg Friedrich Haas  6 Stücke für Alois Hábas Sechsteltonharmonium und kleines Ensemble (2021) 
Klaus Lang  Quis est (2021)
Arash Yazdani  Contains strong emotions and explicit sounds (2021)
Marc Sabat Fleeting flight sleeping woke (2021) 
Gérard Pape Antichrist-Fresco (2021) 
- all pieces are German premieres

Ensemble for New Music Tallinn:
Maria Elonen (flutes)
Soo-Young Lee (clarinets)
Ivo Lille (saxophones)
Toomas Vana (trombone)
Kristina Kriit (violin)
Talvi Nurgamaa (viola)
Paul-Gunnar Loorand (cello)
Madis Jürgens (double bass)
Arash Yazdani (conductor)
Miroslav Beinhauer (Alois Hába's sixth-tone harmonium)

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