Database of manuscripts

The database of manuscripts was launched in cooperation of the Estonian Music Information Centre, Estonian Theatre and Music Museum, Estonian Music Foundation and Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in 2014 and is being amended continually. The purpose of the database is to make available systematised information about the manuscripts of Estonian music for musicians and researchers.
The description of each work is divided into two sections.
The first section includes data about the musical work: composer, title, genre, year, instrumentation, number of movements, titles of movements, lyricist, incipit of the text, publishers, etc.
The second section includes data about the manuscript(s) of the described work: type of the manuscript (original manuscript, copy of manuscript, digital score, photo copy, printout of computer music engraving, etc.), sort of the manuscript (score, piano score, orchestral parts, solo part, instrumental parts, choral part, etc.), number of pages, datum, status (finished or unfinished), location, etc.
The database of manuscripts is connected with the EMIC composers’ work lists: every work on the list(s) is linked to the respective entry in the database of manuscripts. The database search engine helps in locating manuscripts based on the following features: genre, composer, title, year of composition.

Conditions for the ordering and use of manuscripts

All manuscripts found in a digital archive of the Estonian Music Information Centre can be viewed on-site. The Estonian Music Information Centre also issues digital copies of manuscripts to music researchers, performers and publishers to be used for their intended purposes. As a prerequisite to this, a contract of use is signed between the Estonian Music Information Centre and the client, by which the latter undertakes to comply with the Copyright Act of the Republic of Estonia.

* The Estonian Music Information Centre don’t issue manuscripts of already published works. Exceptions include scientific research on music and requests to compare the published works with manuscripts.
* If the purpose of the client ordering a manuscript is to publish the work, the client is also required to submit to the Estonian Music Information Centre the consent of the heir(s) or a publishing contract.
* The consent of an heir or author of the work is also necessary to carry out a concert-performance based on the manuscript of the work.

To conclude a contract of use, please send the following information to
* contact information and personal data of the person placing the order (name, speciality and/or profession, place of residence, phone number, email address)
* the composer, title and type (score, piano score, orchestral parts, etc.) of the requested manuscript(s)
* purpose of using the manuscript (for research, performance of the work – where and when, for publishing, etc.).


Order manuscripts stored in the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum:, +372 5551 5484
Total number of manuscripts: 29066