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  • Composer: Lemba, Artur
  • Years: 24.09.1885 - 21.11.1963
  • Title: Aria from the opera "Love and Death"
  • Genre: Works for voice(s) and piano
  • Instrumentation: voice, piano
  • Text: Julius Oengo, translated into German by Edmund Hunnius, translated into Russian by M. Roos
  • Incipit (lyrics): On surnud ta... Mis tegin ma!


  • Type of manuscript: Copy of manuscript
  • Sort: Score
  • Composer: Lemba, Artur
  • Work: Aria from the opera "Love and Death"
  • Number of pages: 8
  • Date:
  • Status: Finished
  • Location: Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
  • Number: ETMM_6439 M 160:2/101
  • Additional notes: Lyrics in Estonian, German and Russian

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