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  • Composer: Mägi, Ester
  • Years: 10.01.1922 -
  • Title: To the Blood and to the Sea
  • Genre: Works for mixed choir a cappella
  • Instrumentation: mixed choir
  • Text: Henrik Visnapuu
  • Incipit (lyrics): Tere, tuuled, tere, meri, vaba jälle olen ma.
  • Year: 1946.


  • Type of manuscript: Author manuscript
  • Sort: Score
  • Composer: Mägi, Ester
  • Work: To the Blood and to the Sea
  • Number of pages: 1
  • Date: 1946
  • Status: Finished
  • Location: Estonian Theatre and Music Museum
  • Number: ETMM M 200:2/116
  • Additional notes: Later author´s note on the manuscript (in Estonian): "Esimesed kirjapandud opused esitamiseks sisseastumiseksamil kompositsiooniklassi (kuulas neid H. Eller)"

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