Database of manuscripts


  • Composer: Aarne, Els
  • Years: 30.03.1917 - 14.06.1995
  • Title: Song of the Young World
  • Genre: Works for voice(s) and piano
  • Instrumentation: male soloist, female ensemble, piano
  • Text: Vladimir Beekman (from collection "Way to Life")
  • Incipit (lyrics): Mul on üksainus süda, mul on vaid kaks kätt, aga meil on miljard südant ja kaks miljardit kätt


  • Type of manuscript: Copy of manuscript
  • Sort: Score
  • Composer: Aarne, Els
  • Work: Song of the Young World
  • Number of pages: 6
  • Date:
  • Status: Finished
  • Location: Estonian Music Foundation
  • Number: Folder No. 724
  • Digital copy: Pdf
  • Digital archive: Estonian Music Information Centre

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