Raul Talmar

Raul Talmar
b. 6.01.1959 Tallinn

Raul Talmar began music studies at the music class of  Tallinn 22. High School, where he studied in 1966–1977 under the guidance of  Ene Üleoja, Merike Toro, Merike Aarma and Ene Kangro. In 1982 Talmar graduated from Tallinn State Conservatoire (later Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre) where he studied choir conducting with Uno Järvela. Talmar has also developed his skills in Belgium, Namur with Frieder Bernius (1994) and in Italy, Fano at European Academy for Choral Conductors and Singers (2007).

Raul Talmar has worked at Estonian SSR People’s Creative Hall as a director of the choir department (1981–1982). In 1982– 1987 Talmar worked at Estonian Choir Associaton as a consultant and chairman of organizing department. In 1991–1992 Talmar was choir conducting pedagogue at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and 2004–2007 chairman of Rapla Culture Center. Since 2008 Raul Talmar is choir conducting pedagogue at Tallinn University.

Raul Talmar has conducted several choirs. In 1981–1982 he was conductor of mixed choir „Tungal“, 1982–1987 Russian Choir, 1987–1989 female choir of Klementi sewing factory, 1992–1997 Kauppakorkeakoulun Ylioppilaskunnan Laulajat, 1993–1998 Pärnu chamber choir „Mattone“, 2002–2003 Viljandi Youth Male Choir and 2003–2004 Harjumaa Boys Choir. Longtime collaboration engages Talmar with mixed choir "Noorus" (1999–2012) and Academic Female Choir of Tallinn University of Technology (2001–2012). The choirs have released several CDs including „Segakoor Noorus – Läbilõige“ ("Mixed Choir Noorus – Cross-section" 2009) and "Aja laulud" ("Songs of time", Academic Female Choir of Tallinn University of Technology, 2012). Since 2001 Talmar is also conductor of Leelo National Girls Choir and since 2012 principal conductor of Evangelical Lutheran Church Charles XI Choir.

Raul Talmar has longtime collaboration with Estonian song celebrations. Since 1990 Talmar has conducted at all Estonian youth song celebrations and at several Estonian song celebrations. He has been principal conductor mixed and girls choirs, also artistic director of stage movement and programme. In 2011 Talmar was programme director of XI Youth Song and Dance Celebration „Maa ja ilm“ ("The Wide World Begins in a Small Land"). In 2014 Talmar will conduct at XXVI Estonian Song Celebration „Aja puudutus. Puudutuse aeg.“ ("Touched by Time. The Time to Touch").

Raul Talmar belongs to Estonian Choral Conductors Association (2004) and has been chairman of the Estonian Mixed Choirs Association (2003–2009). In 2006 Raul Talmar was awarded the Estonian Choral Association annual prize „Conductor of the Year“. In 2012 Talmar was given Order of the White Star, 5th class. Since 2013 Raul Talmar is president of the Estonian Choral Association.

In 1993 Raul Talmar founded music edition Talmar&Põhi and has published sheet music, study materials and books including „130 aastat eesti laulupidusid“ („130 Years of Estonian Song Celebratrions“) etc.

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