Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta (Tallinn Sinfonietta)

Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta has been operating under the Estonian Record Production since 2009. The initiator of the idea to found a new orchestra – Tallinn Sinfonietta – was conductor Risto Joost who acted as its artistic director until 2011. Tallinn Sinfonietta was very closely connected with the Glasperlenspiel festival, which is why it has the same name as the festival since 2012. Since 2012, the artistic director and chief conductor is Andres Mustonen. The orchestra has by today grown into the only constantly performing and touring privately run Orchestra in Estonia.

Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta’s unique artistic style encompasses not only the masterworks of the classical repertoire but innovative cross-art form projects and a vigorous commissioning program. The orchestra’s repertoire spanning over centuries, entwines old music with new, from Bach to Piazzolla, from Pärt to Vähi.

Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta introduces to the listeners the music from the past as a live, breathing, joyful organism and proves that every type of music could bring freshness to the mind, warm the soul and give energy. It is only up to thinking and attitude. The resulting sense of energy and individuality is one of the most commented-upon elements of Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta concert experience.

During the last years Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta performed in Switzerland and Austria, in Italy and Finland, in Germany and Belgium, in Brazil and Chile, in Argentina and Uruguay and also took part at international music festivals like Ars Musica in Brussels, Festival Pianistico Internazionale di Brescia e Bergamo, Mittelfest and Emilia Romagna in Italy, Oleg Kagan International Music Festival in Kreuth am Tegernsee in Germany, Saint Petersburg Easter Festival in Russia, Iitti Music Festival in Finland, Riga Music Festival Artissimo in Latvia.

Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta has played on many prestigious stages in Europe, Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw, Grand Hall of Saint Petersburg Philharmonia in Russia, Cologne Philharmonic Hall among them, getting high acclaim for each concert.

In Estonia, Glasperlenspiel Sinfonietta played at International Tallinn Organ Festival, at Suure-Jaani Music Festival, at Kuressaare Chamber Music Days and Mustjala Music Festival in Saaremaa, and of course at Festival Glasperlenspiel in Tartu.

The conducting style of Andres Mustonen is unusual for its spontaneity, improvisation, and radiant artistry. He expresses his unique world-vision and perception of music in every single piece. His activity as a conductor follows the timeline of music history from early to contemporary music, putting the stress on oratorios, passions, dramas, and symphonic music. Andres Mustonen has developed a wide circle of musician friends with whom he shares ideas and principles. He says, “I never share the stage with someone I don’t know, don’t consider my friend or don’t love”.

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