Head Ööd Vend

Chamber choir Head Ööd, Vend was founded by conductor and composer Pärt Uusberg in 2008. Although the choir was at first brought together for Pärt Uusbeg’s brother, Uku Uurberg’s theatre production Head Ööd, Vend at Estonian Drama Theatre, the choir decided to continue singing regularly also after the last show had ended. Head Ööd, Vend comprise mostly former singers of Rapla youth choir Mitte-Riinimanda, also friends of Pärt Uusberg from Rapla, Kuusalu, Viljandi and Tallinn have joined the choir.

Head Ööd, Vend began concert activity performing mostly choral works by Pärt Uusberg and has widened it’s repertoire by now. The choir has given recitals at several churches in Estonia including Tallinn, Rapla and Tartu, also at Visby St. Mary Cathedral in Gotland and participated at theatre productions as Pea Vahetus (Theatre No.99) and Tõnis Mägi oratorio Tarkus. In 2012 Evelin Seppar’s opera Teine was premiered at Tallinn St. Nicholas’ Church by Head Ööd, Vend, mixed choir HUIK!, soloists and intrumental ensemble.

First recogintion came for Head Ööd, Vend at mixed choir competiton „Tuljak“ in 2009, where the choir receaved I prize in B-category. After that several prizes have been won by the choir as:
- III prize at XI international choir festival „Tallinn 2009“ in chamber choir category
- Gold diploma at VIII Pärnu International Choir Festival in 2010
- II prize at XVIII mixed choir comeptition „Tuljak“ in A-category in 2011
- II prize at XII Estonain Chamber Choir Festival in A-category
- I prize at XIX mixed choir competition “Tuljak” in A-category and Grand Prize in 2013
- I prize at XIII international choir festival “Tallinn 2013” in chamber choir category, II prize in contemporary music category and Grand Prix
- VI prize at 52. international choir contest "Seghizzi", silver medal in  XX century’s music category,  V prize and gold medal in goslel, jazz and folk category in 2013

In 2013 Chamber Choir Head Ööd, Vend was awarded The Choir of the Year (conductors Pärt Uusberg and Külli Kiivet), the choir’s CD „Õhtul“ („In the Evening“) was selected as the Choir Recording of the Year by Estonian Choral Association.

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