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Chamber Choir Kolm Lindu was born in 2017, in Tartu. Within its three first seasons, the choir has prepared five longer programs, which have mainly consisted of Western European choral classics (Debussy, Kodály, Rautavaara, Ravel, Schütz, etc.) and music by Estonian composers (Kõrvits, Pärt, Tormis). However, a large part of the most performed concert program so far, Creator Spiritus, also included Gregorian chants.

The choir is conducted by Valter Soosalu, but guest conductors are also invited to work with the choir each season. The choir has had inspiring collaborations with such guest conductors as Benjamin Kirk, Jaan-Eik Tulve (Vox Clamantis) and Mikk Üleoja (Estonian National Male Choir), instrumentalists Vambola Krigul (ERSO, Ensemble U:), Theodor Sink (ERSO) and Uku Toots, jazz/folk singer Kadri Voorand and composers Maria Kõrvits, Tõnu Kõrvits and Laura Jēkabsone. The choir commissioned its first choral piece in 2019 – Maria Kõrvits’s ‘Aquarelle II’ (Akvarell II) for mixed choir and cello (text: Sirje Kadalipp; conductor Valter Soosalu, cellist Theodor Sink).

The choir does not consist of professional choral singers, but enjoys thorough and inspiring work on a diverse, beautiful and demanding repertoire – above all, the delight of making music intensely and meaningfully. Therefore, the process itself is very important.

The female singers wear earrings from Studio Mari Seger’s collection ‘Leaves’ and skirts made of environmentally friendly woolen fabric.

About the name. There is a fairy tale of birds in which all the birds from all over the world come together and discuss what the most important or the best thing in the world is. The swan thought it was love, the hummingbird said it was a pleasure, to the magpie it was money, to the pelican dedication, etc., until the phoenix – the king of the birds according to the author – spoke. He said that the most important thing is to live with all your heart, to live with a burning flame without sparing yourself. To live in a way that your compassionate light would warm the world. He said that we are all special, we are all important, we are living. When we add to this the motif of a bird gliding freely somewhere high over the rustling of the forest, these two ideas came together to form the name. The birds here are a symbol – wishes, thoughts, hopes, values, dreams, etc. These might be different for every singer but if they have the same source, the accompanying differences are the things that make up our World. Why three birds? No other number came to mind. Trying to rationalise the number retrospectively, one seemed odd, two comparative, four too much like a reference to voice groups, five felt like an ensemble. So – Three Birds (Kolm Lindu in Estonian).

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