Toomas Voll

Toomas Voll
b. 17.06.1958 Kilingi-Nõmme

Toomas Voll graduated from Pärnu Children Music School in 1974 on piano under the guidance of Vivian Traks. In 1976–1979 Toomas Voll studied at Tallinn State Conservatoire music pedagogics with Artur Vahter.

Toomas Voll has been culture worker at Tihemetsa tech (1979–1982 and 1985–1989)  and 1982–1985 at Pärnu KEK. He has also been artistic director of Kilingi-Nõmme club (1989–1991) and music teacher and choir conductor at Kilingi-Nõmme High School (1991–1999).

In 1996 Voll founded Toomas Voll Singing Studio and is director of the studio until today. He has conducted several choirs including Pärnu choirs Mattone (1982–1985) and Ave Canto (1988–1993). In 1996 Voll founded Leelo National Girls Choir and was conductor of the choir until 2006. Since 1996 is Voll also conductor of the girls choir Argentum Vox and since 2000 principal director of Viljandi County Chamber Choir. In addition, Toomas Voll is conductor of Mixed Choir Endla, female ensemble Olla Daam, children choir Pärnu Piigad and Culture Society toddlers choir. Toomas Voll has performed with choirs at Scotland, Ireland, Austria and Italy and won prizes at republican and international song contests. In 1991–1999 Toomas Voll was also artistic director of singing studio Üks Väike Rõõm.

Toomas Voll has written over 50 songs for childern and choirs (texts by Helle Voogel, Ly Kuningas, Maret Räästas, Toomas Kersalu ect) and hymns for several Estonian schools. His songs “Kodu“ („Home“), „Värvilised unistused“ („Colorful dreams“) and „Laulurõõm“ („Joy of singing“) has won prizes at composition contests and song „Kodu“ belonged to VIII Estonian Song Celebration programme in 1997. His songs has been released on several CD-s and also songbook „Laulud. Toomas Voll, Juhan Trump“ (Avita, 2002) and "Laula või ise" (Talmar&Põhi, 2007).

Toomas Voll has conducted at several Estonian Song Celebrations. In 1997 Toomas Voll was principal conductor of children choirs at VIII Youth Song and Dance Celebration and at XXIII Song Celebratin in 1999. In 2001 Toomas Voll was artistic director of Female Choir’s Song Day in Narva. In 2002 and 2007 Voll conducted girls’ choirs at IX and X Youth Song and Dance Celebration. In 2009 Voll conducted mixed choirs at XXV Song Celebration „ÜhesHingamine“ („To Breathe as one“), 2011 girls choirs at XI youth song celebration "Maa ja ilm" and will be conductor of female and children choirs at XXVI Song Celebration „Aja puudutus. Puudutuse aeg“ (“Touched by Time. The Time to Touch”).

Toomas Voll belongs to Estonian Choral Conductors Association (2004). In 1995 he was given title „Teacher of the Year“, in 2003 Annual Cultural Prize and coat of arm of Pärnu City and Order of the White Star, 5th class in 2008. At the same year Toomas Voll was awarded honorary citizen and coat of arm of Saarde Parish. In 2009 Toomas Voll receaved Raimond Valgre prize by Pärnu Rotary Club.

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