Anto Õnnis

Anto Õnnis
16.08.1979, Tallinn

Anto Õnnis began music studies at Tallinn Music High School, studing percussion under the guidance of Rein Roos and choir conducting with Erki Pehk (graduated in 1977). In 2002 Anto Õnnis graduated from Estonian Music Academy on percussion under the guidance of Rein Roos. In addition Õnnis has developed his skills at Groningenis Noord Netherlands Conservatorium under the guidance of Rein Niemeijer and Luuk Nagtegaal (2002) and 2003–2006 at Sibelius Academy with Olli-Pekka Martikainen, Timothy Ferchen and Lassi Erkkilä. Õnnis has also taken part of Vilja Slizhevski singing lessons.

Anto Õnnis has worked since 1997 at Estonian National Opera as a percussionist. In 1999–2004 Õnnis was also percussion teacher at Tallinn Music High School. Since 2003 Anto Õnnis teaches percussion at the Old Town Educational College School of Music. As a percussionist Anto Õnnis has cooperated with several ensembles and orchestras including Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, NYYD Ensemble, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra ect. In 2001 Õnnis was one of founders of ensemble Paukenfest and participates at ensembles work until today. Anto Õnnis has been first performer on several Estonian composers works including Toivo Tulev, Jüri Reinvere, René Eespere, Helena Tulve, Tõnis Kaumann and Margo Kõlar. He has given solo recitals both in Estonia (festivals NYYD, Jazzkaar and Improvizz, Estonian Music Days) and abroad (Finland, Netherlands). Longstanding partnerhip engages Anto Õnnis with accordionist Jaak Lutsoja, with who has performed at stages and television and also have been first perfomer of Estonian composers works as Mirjam Tally, Jüri Reinvere, Mari Vihmand, Timo Steiner and Ardo Ran Varres.

Anto Õnnis also performes as a singer (tenor). Since 2001 he belongs to sacred music ensemble Heinavanker and since 2010 gregorian ensemble Vox Clamantis and has given recitals with ensemble all over the Europe and USA. Since 2011 he also performes as a soloist with ensemble Hortus Musicus.

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