Mari Tampere-Bezrodny

b. 22.04.1951, Tallinn

Mari Tampere is renowed violonist and violin pedagogue at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Sibelius Academy.

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny family has longstanding musician traditions – her grandmother Jenny Siimon was well-known singer and professor at Tallinn Conservatoire, her mother an organist and pianist Aime Tampere. Mari Tampere-Bezrodny began violin studies at Tallin Children Music School with Kaari Kadak. In 1970 Tampere-Bezrodny graduated from Tallinn Music High School under the guidance of Ivi Tivik. In 1975 she graduated from Moscow Conservatoire and continued postgraduate studies, both under the guidance of professor Igor Bezrodny.

In 1977, after finishing postgraduate studies, Mari Tampere-Bezrodny became violin teacher at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (since 1991 docent and since 1996 professor). Over 120 students has been involved with her for longer studying period, many of them has obtained to win honours at international contests and continue in turn as a pedagogues and orchestrants both in Estonia and abroad. Her students include Eva Punder, Aet Ratassepp, Andrus ja Ruth Haav, Juhan Tralla, Kristina Kriit, Lasse Joamets, Leena Laas, Sigrid Kuulmann-Martin, Ivi Ots ect. Since 1990 Tampere-Bezrodny is violin teacher at Sibelius Academy and has teached also at Moscow Conservatoire. She has lead over 30 years mastercourses in Spain, Israel, Italy, USA, Scandinavia, France, China, Japan, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain, Russia and in 2001–2006 regular mastercouses in Madrid.Tampere-Bezrodny has participated at jurys of international violin contests including Jeunesse Musical, Osaka International Music Competition, Heino Eller International Violin Contest ect.

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has given solo recitals and played solo in front of several orchestras cooperating with renowed conductors as Igor Bezrodny, Peeter Lilje, Eri Klas, Roman Matsov, Leonid Grin, Eduard Serov and Aleksandr Lazarev. She has participated at reputable international festivals with Igor Bezrodny, Mstislav Rostropovichi, Dmitri Sitkovetsky, Erkki Rautio, Liana Isakadze, Mihail Homizer ect . Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has played lots of chamber music with her husband, violinist Igor Bezrodny, pianists Bruno Lukk, Riina Gerretz, Ivari Ilja, Risto Lauriala, Aleksandra Juozapenaite-Eesmaa and has lenghty collaboration with cellist Peeter Paemurru. Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has also performed as a pianist and harpsichord player with Moscow State Philharmonic Academy Symphony Orchestra.

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has been first performer of both Estonian and Russian composers works including Jaan Rääts´ Voilin Concerto No.2, René Eespere´s Concerto ritonello (with Igor Bezrodny), Lepo Sumera´s Quasi improvisata, also Nikolai Rakov´s preludes and other violin works. In addition Tampere-Bezrodny has first performed in Estonia Karol Szymanowski´s, Robert Schumann´s and Felix Mendelssohn´s Violin Concertos, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart´s Concertone (with Igor Bezrodny) and Triple Concerto (with Moscow Conservatoire professors, cellist Valnetin Feigin and violist Fjodor Druzhinin). Tampere-Bezrodny has recorded Estonian Composers works at Estonian Public Broadcast and All-Union Radio (violin works by Heino Eller and Ester Mägi, Jaan Rääts´ Trio No. 6, Uno Naissoo´s Trio). Since 2000 Mari Tampere-Bezrodny has conducted chamber and symphony orchestras in Germany and Spain including Youth Symphony Orchestra in Madrid and Estonian Music and Theatre Academy Symphony Orchestra at Tallinn Chamber Music Festival.

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny is laureate of Estonian Cultural Endowement Annual Award in 2012.

Mari Tampere-Bezrodny´s husband was in 1997 departed grandee, violinist and conductor Igor Bezrodny. The daughter of married violin artists couple is Anna-Liisa Bezrodny who also has already proved herself as a professional and artistic violinist.

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