Heinrich Meri

July 3, 1887 Mustvee – August 31, 1980 Pärnu
Member of the Estonian Composers' Union from 1945 to 1953

Music pedagogue, conductor and composer Heinrich Meri (Murdengof till 1924) was a longtime active figure in Pärnu music life whose worklist consists of over hundred instrumental pieces and songs.

Heinrich Meri studied in Mustvee parish clerk school (1896–1901), ministry school (1901–1903) and St. Petersburg Teachers’ Seminary (1904–1907). In 1924, Meri obtained the profession of singing and music teacher at the summer course organised by Ministry of Education of the Republic of Estonia. From the year 1907, he worked as a music teacher in Mustvee, Võtikvere, Mosohnikova-Gora in Russia and Simuna (being a school director from 1911–1917). From 1917–1919 he held a post of director of education and healthcare department of Virumaa County Government. Since 1919, Heinrich Meri lived in Pärnu where he stayed till the end of his life being active as a choir and orchestra conductor, music teacher, instrumentalist and composer. Meri conducted mixed choir „Endla“, Estonian Society of Musicians Pärnu Mixed and Male Choir, Pärnu Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of Pärnu Folk High School and music course in Pärnu Pioneers’ House. He was also conductor at local song celebrations. Meri was one of the founders of Pärnu Symphony Orchestra in 1920. He also founded and directed ocarina orchestras and ensembles in schools.

His has written mainly choral and solo songs. More widely are known „Fishermen’s Song“ and „Who Does Hear Me Singing“ („Kes mind kuuleb laulevada“).

He has published songbooks and music schoolbooks, his own songs have been collected in two compendiums published in 1962 and 1977.

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