Heino Lemmik

July 21, 1931 Tallinn – May 14, 1983 Tallinn
Member of the Estonian Composers' Union since 1960

Heino Lemmik studied violin in Tallinn Music School (1945–1953) and graduated from the Tallinn State Conservatory in composition under Eugen Kapp in 1959. From 1951 until 1966, Lemmik was a singer of the Estonian National Male Choir. Later he worked as a teacher of music theory subjects in Tallinn Pedagogical Institute (1966–1971) and Tallinn State Conservatory (from 1971). He has compiled the educational program of harmony for the music pedagogics speciality (Tallinn State Conservatory, 1973), also researched the polyphony in Estonian choral music.

Lemmik’s music mostly consists of choral music. Songs with a lyrical subtone are written on texts by Estonian poets (Aleksander Suuman, Rudolf Rimmel, Viivi Luik, Helgi Muller a. o.), have won prizes at composition competitions (Ice-Cold Preludes, I Have Seen Lenin) and been in the program of Estonian Song Celebrations: Flowers for the Messengers of Peace, Wooden Horse, They Brought the Sing-Song from the City. From amongst more extensive works, his oeuvre includes three cantatas for choir and orchestra, Violin Concerto (1966), Flute Concertino (1959) and Chamber Concerto (1979).


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