Helmut Rosenvald

b. Febryary 22, 1929, Tallinn
d. July 29, 2020
Member of the Estonian Composers' Union from 1965

Composer and violinist Helmut Rosenvald has contributed to Estonian music with orchestral music followed by classical traditions, foremost symphonies and instrumental concerts. He has been influenced by modernism and moved towards simplicity. His works, orchestrated with rich fantasy, almost always bear dramatic atmosphere and severe mind.

Rosenvald has studied violin in Tallinn Conservatory in Rudolf Palm’s class (1942–1947), graduated from Tallinn Music School in music theory in 1958 (composition teacher Veljo Tormis) and Tallinn State Conservatory in composition under Villem Kapp in 1963. 1961–1989, he worked as a violinist in Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

The most important part of his oeuvre is formed by orchestral music: 9 numbered symphonies, about ten equally considerable works as well (sinfoniettas, chamber symphonies, Classical Symphony a.o.), 2 violin concertos, besides 6 string quartets, several solo sonatas and organ music. Piece for flute (1970) was an obligatory piece at the 3rd state competition for interpreters.

Rosenvald’s works has been performed by Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Jaan Tamm Wind Quintet, ENSO string quartet, violinists Endel Lippus, Ines Rannap, Lemmo Erendy, Valentina Gontsharova, Linda Oper, cellists Jaan Reinaste, Ivo Juul, Toomas Velmet, Allar Kaasik, pianists Bruno Lukk and Ada Kuuseoks, organists Hugo Lepnurm and Brigita Mieze.

His music has been published by Edition 49, an authorial LP (Melodija, 1983) and CD (Bella Musica, 2004) have been released.

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