Mari Amor

July 24, 1973, Pärnu
Member of the Estonian Composers' Union since 2004


Mari Amor graduated from Tallinn Music High School in music theory (tutor Toomas Siitan) in 1991 and Estonian Academy of Music in composition under Eino Tamberg in 1995. In 2005, Amor obtained MA in Drama School of Estonian Academy of Music in performing arts (tutors Ingo Normet and Olav Ehala).

1996–2001 Amor worked as a music engraver for Edition 49. Currently she is active as a freelance composer and music engraver, also working as a solfeggio teacher in Tallinn Music High School.

Amor has written music for orchestra, choir and chamber ensembles. One of her favorite genre has been music for theatre – in this sphere, longer collaboration binds her with Estonian State Puppet Theatre. Additionally, Amor has made arrangements of music from different eras.

For her works, Amor has been given several credits: choral song "The Lord Reigns, He Is Robed in Majesty" won the 2nd prize at the contest "David’s song" (2009), Musical Moment for cello and piano was ascribed the 1st prize at the competition Young Musician 2006, music for the play Sheperdess and Chimneysweep got the award at the festival Banana Fish 2005, Charleston for accordion, clarinet, tuba and percussion (2000) was given the honor award at the composition competition Panaccordion 2000 (Finland). Her works have been published by Edition 49.

Mari Amor:

"I may be inspired of every kind of music, irrespective of style or genre. If something touches or talks with me in music, it gives rise to certain chemical process under which influence is nice to get into. Sometimes music makes me laugh, sometimes it makes me cry or contemplate about life. These are happy moments when I’m experiencing "good and right" music specifically for me.

I love theatre. Fortunately I have had opportunities to write music also in this field. Composer who is composing prevalently art music and is used to practice alone, meets production team and actors in theatre – such communication gives a lot of energy and joy to me. Theatre music composer must be interested in human nature, human soul. He/she has to express with music things that actor is not able to.

Oscar Wilde said that music is something that is impossible to say with words but can’t be left unspoken either.

In my opinion, this could be a motto for every composer."


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