Jörgen Kursk

October 12, 1990, Tallinn

Jörgen Kursk has graduated from the music class of Tallinn 21. School and studied piano in Tallinn Music School. He has studied product design in the Estonian Academy of Arts and graduated from the University of Tartu in English language and literature (BA). As an active choir singer, he has sung in Tallinn Boys’ Choir for over ten years. Since 2014, he is a singer of University of Tartu Chamber Choir.

Jörgen Kursk began composing in the field of electronic music, deeper interest in choral composition and the first considerable works came forth while singing in University of Tartu Chamber Choir.
In his creation, both as a freelane designer and beginner composer, he regards essential to respect established traditions as well as delicate change of these, entwining experiences and techniques from different genres.

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