Aarne Männik

February 18, 1947, Tallinn
Member of the Estonian Composers' Union 1974–2006

Arranger, composer, pedagogue, and conductor Aarne Männik has composed works in various genres. His oeuvre consists of orchestral music (e.g. works for symphony, chamber and wind orchestra), Clarinet Concerto and Horn Concerto, chamber music both for different ensembles and solo instruments and vocal music for different choir types and solo songs.

Mostly we hear in the concert halls his settings and arrangements, which he has done for various choirs and ensembles, compilations Songs for Female Choir I and II, arranged by Aarne Männik, Collection of Different Nations’ Christmas Songs for Mixed Choir, 10 Christmas Songs for Female Choir and 10 Christmas Songs for Mixed Choir have been published.

Aarne Männik graduated as a choral conductor with Enn Oja at the Tallinn Music School in 1967. In 1966–1968, he studied composition with Eino Tamberg in Youth Section of the Estonian Composers’ Union and continued his studies at the Tallinn State Conservatoire, graduating in 1973.

Since 1971, Männik teaches music theory and has also taught the knowledge of instruments at the Tallinn Georg Ots Music School. He has compiled several educational resources, including Developed Diatonic (1982), Solfeggio I. Diatonic (2001, SP Muusika). As a conductor, he has conducted male choir Runo (1968–1972 assistant conductor, 1972–1985 conductor) and since 1990, choir Piccolo of Haabersti Social Centre in Tallinn. Männik is the initiator of the Uno Naissoo Composition Competition and has also participated in the work of the jury.

In 1968/1969, Männik received the 3rd prize at the Soviet Union Competition for Young Composers for the piece Quartetino for string quartet.

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