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  • Helena Tulve is a composer of the Båstad Chamber Music Festival



    Helena Tulve
    From June 26 to July 1, 25th edition of Båstad Chamber Music Festival takes place in Swedish coastal town of Båstad.  Composer of the festival is Helena Tulve. Program includes Tulve’s choral and chamber music: „Silmaja“ for kannel, „Il neige“ for kannel and harpsichord, „Pulse, Ebb and Flow“ for bass flute and piano, „Pathless land“ from „Rimlands“ for clarinet, cello and piano, choral works „I Am a River“ and „In Silence“ as well as world premiere of „You and I“ for mixed choir. Performers are Anna-Liisa Eller (kannel), Taavi Kerikmäe (piano), Anna Paradiso (harpsichord), Mario Caroli (bass flute), Julien Quentin (piano), Karin Dornbusch (clarinet) and Karolina Öhman (cello). In addition to concerts, public interview with Helena Tulve will be made by Sofia Nyblom on June 27. On June 26, vocal ensemble Vox Clamantis will give a concert of Estonian music, beside Tulve’s works also music by Cyrillus Kreek and Arvo Pärt will be performed.

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