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  • Premiere of the new Estonian opera „The Colours of Clouds“ by Rasmus Puur


    On September 22, opera „The Colours of Clouds” by young composer Rasmus Puur will premiere at the Estonian National Opera. Opera is based on Jaan Kruusvall’s play „Pilvede värvid” („The Colours of Clouds”, 1983), and discusses the fleeing of Estonians from their homeland during the events of World War II. This dramatic and emotional story of one family reflects cases of many Estonian families in the period of 1985–1991, and puts up a questions: to whom the independence of Estonia was restored if everyone desire to move abroad now as well. „The Colours of Clouds” is Rasmus Puur’s first opera and the winner of the opera competition organised by Estonian Nationa Opera in 2014. The stage director is Roman Baskin and conductor Lauri Sirp. Singers are Rauno Elp or Jassi Zahharov, Triin Ella or Helen Lokuta, Kristel Pärtna or Janne Ševtšenko, Mati Turi, Juuli Lill or Aule Urb and many others.

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