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CD For My Little Sister

Piano pieces by Estonian composers performed by students of Tallinn Music High School Estonian Public Broadcasting 2008

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1. Toivo Tulev. For My Little Sister (2003)
2. René Eespere. Process (2000)
3. René Eespere. Idée fixe (2000)
4.-10. Liis Jürgens. The Hunt (2000)
4. The Call – the Beginning of the Hunt
5. Here They Go – the King Is the First
6. A Fine Hunting Company
7. The Wild Boar
8. The Hound
9. From Nowhere Appears the Polar Bear
10. They’re Riding Away
11. Margo Kõlar. For Marta (2003)
12. Margo Kõlar. Bugaaboo’s Room (2003)
13.–15. Raimo Kangro. Three Pieces (2000)
13. Grandfather is Kicking up a Row
14. I Feel a Little Sad
15. A Rolling Dice
16.–17. Tõnu Kõrvits. Two Sad Pieces (2003)
16. Prelude
17. Waltz
18. Mart Siimer. The Inherited Sun (2003)
19. Mirjam Tally. Flagolets (2003)
20. Timo Steiner. First Steps (2003)
21. Timo Steiner. Raindeer Sledge (2003)
22. Timo Steiner. Staircase in the Sky (2003)
23. Tatjana Kozlova. Evening (2003)
24. Tatjana Kozlova. Lullaby (2003)
25.–27. Tõnis Kaumann. Three Studies (2003)
25. A Study with a Walking Bass
26. A Study with a Tricky Rhythm
27. A Study about Exercising a Study
28. Age Hirv. Rainbow (2004)
29. Toivo Tulev. For My Little Brother (2003)

Kristjan Veermäe, Valter Soosalu, Holger Marjamaa, Sten Heinoja, Andrei Babkin, Georg-Mirek King, Helena Ilves, Sander Pohlak, Ats-Mati Laes, Elisa Agajeva, Taniel Kuntu, Anni Poska, Johan Randvere, Liidia Ilves, Kristiina Rokashevitch, Jakob Teppo, Inessa Volkova, Tanel Ehala, Kärt Ruubel, Jaan Ots.

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