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CD The Moon of all Lakes

Veronika Portsmuth Veronika Portsmuth 2011

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1. Õitsiline / The one, who tends the herd at night (Helvi Jürisson)
2. Millest vestles lill? / Of what did the flower talk about? (Juta Kaidla)
3. Nokturn / Nocturne (Helga Tõnson)
4. Kadakad / Junipers ( Debora Vaarandi)
5. Suvine tuul / The Summer Wind (Juhan Liiv)
6. Õied / Blossoms (Astrid Pirn)
7. Kui palju, palju päevi / How many, many Days (Astrid Pirn)
8. Naera! / Smile! (Viivi Luik)
9. Kõikide järvede kuu / The Moon of all Lakes (Leelo Tungal)
10. Tee / Way (Minni Nurme)

Music by Lembit Veevo
Arranged by Kristo Matson

Veronika Portmuth (vocal), Paul Daniel (guitar), Joel-Rasmus Remmel (piano), Peedu Kass (double bass), Ahto Abner (percussion), Andreas Aben (clarinet)

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