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Helilooja Jaan Rääts [Composer Jaan Rääts]

Book of the composer Jaan Rääts: review of life and work, interview, CD Estonian Music Information Centre 2008

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Jaan Rääts (born 1932) is a noted Estonian composer, composition professor and promoter of music life, who has shaped the face of Estonian music and music scene for more than half a century, most of this in intricate Soviet times.
The review of Rääts’s work and life history by Evi Arujärv and interview with the composer by Timo Steiner form the body of the publication. Chapters with the stories about Jaan Rääts as a composer and a pedagogue told by his colleagues and students are included. The book also involves the lists of Rääts’s oeuvre, recordings and bibliography and is illustrated with a number of photos. CD with Rääts’ works selected by the composer himself gives a representative overview of his music.
Compiled by Evi Arujärv; edited by Evi Arujärv, Maarja Kasema, Tiina Mattisen.

Published in 2008
In Estonian
215 pages
Format: 173x250mm
82 photos
Designed by Joosep Siitan
Layout by Eva Nukk
CD: Baltic Disc
Printed by Uniprint
Publisher: Estonian Music Infomation Centre
ISBN 978-9985-9623-2-9

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