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Andres Vahisalu. A Musical Portrait

A. Vahisalu 2011

1. Girl (O. Roots)
2. Circle of Seasons (O. Roots)
3. Finally (rahvaluule)
4. Christmas Snow (H. Poska)
5. On an Autumn Evening (O. Roots)
6. Song of Homeland (O. Roots)
7. Late Summer (V. Luik)
8. Piece for Solo Flute
9. 3 Fragments for Two Flutes
10. Rondo for Flute and Piano
11. Ehatuule maa (Land of Sunset Wind) (U. Masing)
String Quartet No. 1
12. I Maestoso energico
13. II Lento
14. III Moderato
15. Attristamento for Strings
16. Prelude for String Quartet
Three Pieces:
17. Prelude
18. March of Triumph
19. Legend

Girls' choir Kurekell, conductor Lennart Jõela,Female Choir Ilo, conductor Anneli Surva, Old Town Mixed Choir, conductor Lauri Aav, Engineers Male Choir, conductor Ants Üleoja, Estonian Radio Mixed Choir, conductor Ants Üleoja, Raivo Peäske (flute), Mihkel Peäske (flute), Toivo Peäske (piano), Teele Jõks (mezzo soprano), Aleksander Arder (baritone), Rein Roos (percussion), Tallinn Music High School String Orchestra, conductor Toivo Peäske, Meelis Orgse (violin), Mari-Katrina Suss (violin), Karin Rauk (viola), Andreas Lend (cello), Villem Peäske (violin), Tiiu Õunapuu (violin), Liina Žigurs (viola), Villu Vihermäe (cello), Border Guard Wind Orchestra, conductor Peeter Saan

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