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Annan Sul' suud, härra Valgre

Songs by Raimond Valgre Estonian Artist Agency & Records 2000

1. Tartu March / txt. E. Johanson
2. Through the Rain / txt. A. Vennola
3. Winter Joys / txt. O. Roots - Aegviidu Waltz / txt. R. Valgre
4. I'm Too Bad
5. Saaremaa Polka
6. Viljandi Serenade / txt. R. Valgre
7. Snowflakes = Right Joice / txt. A. Feuillet
8. Every Night In My Dreams I See Your Eyes ; - Eerika ; - You Call Me ''Sunshine'' - Pärnu Ballade / txt. R. Valgre
9. Sag nicht adjeu = Stay For a Little While / txt. R. Valgre, H. Kõrvits - I Hope I'll Get Over It - Kiss Me
10. Summertime Serenade
11. Sunday in Kadriorg / txt. R. Valgre
12. Melody - I Still Remember / txt. R. Valgre, K. Kikerpuu
13. Saaremaa Waltz / txt. D. Vaarandi
14. A little story in the music  / txt. A. Feuillet
15. Last Waltz / msuic and text R. Valgre

Performers: Katrin Karisma, Tõnu Kilgas, Wind Orchestra of Estonian Defence Forces, conductor Peeter Saan

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