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Estonian Vocal Music From The 20th Century

Baritone Villu Valdmaa's and pianist Martti Raide's CD with Estonian vocal music, includes works by Mägi, Sumera, Kangro, Kõrvits, Sisask, Saar and Tubin ARM Music 2002

1. Mart Saar You Appear as a Dream
2. Mart Saar Autumnal Contemplation
3. Mart Saar Silence
Eduard Tubin Three Songs
4. Why Was This Ringing Cast into a Bell
5. I Looked into the Rustle of Your Wings
6. In a High and Narrow Window
7. Eduard Tubin Your Gentle Hand
8. Urmas Sisask Blessed Is the Man
Lepo Sumera Songs from Estonian Matrimonial Poetry
9. Dirty Wife
10. A Good Wife Has Many Names
11. My Man Is Like a Seabull
12. How Does One Get to Heaven
13. How Long Would a Man Mourn
14. Ester Mägi Musik
Raimo Kangro Four Views on the Theme of Love and Death
15. My Old Love
16. Gourmand
17. Bum's Song
18. The Hand-Being
Tõnu Kõrvits Three Sonnets of Shakeaspeare
19. No. 27 (Weary With Toil)
20. No. 98 (From You Have I Been Absent in the Spring)
21. No. 115 (Those Lines That I Before Have Write Do Lie)

Villu Valdmaa (baritone), Martti Raide (piano)

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