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Sinu valgus. Lumen tuum

Music for female choir from Estonia and abroad Female Choir of Estonian Choral Conductors 2012

Female Choir of Estonian Choral Conductors, conducted by Andrus Siimon and Õnne-Ann Roosvee

1. Knut Nystedt Laudate
2. Egil Hovland Se, dager kommer
3. Cyrillus Kreek Blessed is the Man
4. Sergei Rahmaninov Bogoroditse Devo
5. Kuldar Sink Hail Mary
6. Ko Matsushita Ave Regina coelorum
7. Knut Nystedt Sancta Maria
8. Hreiðar Ingi Þorsteinsson Lumen tuum
9. Zdenek Lukáš Quot sunt apes, op. 166
10. Tauno Aints Now I Know
11. Ester Mägi Snow Tree
12. Johanna Kivimägi You Are Like…
13. Aare Kruusimäe When Lilacs Are In Bloom from the song cycle Circle of Life
14. Aare Kruusimäe No More Words About Love from the song cycle Circle of Life
15. Miina Härma When You Come Please Bring Me Flowers
16. Udo Kasemets Estonian folk song Targa rehealune
17. Hideyuki Nishimura Come to Midsummer Night Bonfire from the cycle Midsummer Night Songs
18. Piret Rips-Laul Make Life Beautiful With Your Singing

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