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Estonian Sound Recordings 1939

Historical recordings from 1939 on 12 CDs with book Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 2009

CD 1: Orchestral Music I
CD 2: Orchestral Music II
CD 3: Orchestral Music III
CD 4: Orchestral Music IV
CD 5: Choral Music I. Mixed Choir
CD 6: Choral Music II. Mixed Choir
CD 7: Choral Music III. Male Choir and Mixed Choir
CD 8: Chamber Music I, Music for Piano and Organ
CD 9: Chamber Music II
CD 10: Excerpts of Operas and Solo Songs
CD 11: Hit-songs and Songs from Operettas
CD 12: Brass Music and Speeches

The book of 304 pages includes facsimile photos and documents, short biographies and articles:
- Kadri Steinbach, Urve Lippus: Musical scene in Estonia in the End of the 1930s
- Ilvi Rauna: Recording of Estonian Music May - June 1939
- Claus Byrith: Estonian Recordings of 1939. A brief introduction to pre-war recordmaking and how the frozen sound was brought back to life
- Morten Hein: Estonian Sound Recordings of 1939 Recorded by Skandinavisk Grammophon A/S

The set is available:
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Kõrvits, Tõnu
Touch, for bassoon
Grigorjeva, Galina
Two Psalms, for mixed choir
Tally, Mirjam
Warm Life at the Foot of the Iceberg, for clarinet and piano
Seppar, Evelin
Time and the Bell, for mixed choir