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Tormis. Nüüd ep on ilus elada

Veljo Tormis's songs for female and children's choir Estonian Record Production 2010

1. The Singer's Childhood

2. Spring (Ionian mode)
3. Fog (Dorian mode)
4. Cold (Phrygian mode)
5. Snow (Lydian mode)
6. Drought (Mixolydian mode)
7. Wind (Aeolian mode)
8. Rain (Tone-semitone scale)
9=2. Spring (Ionian mode)

Spring Sketches
10. Spring Wind
11. Flowering Blossoms
12. Evening Sky
13. Under the Bird-cherry Tree
14. Yellow Flame
15. In Late-Spring
Summer Motifs
16. Dry Weather
17. Thunderstorm
18. Summer Night
Autumn Landscapes
19. It Is Late Summer
20. Clouds Are Racing
21. Pale Light
22. Painfully Red Are the Leaves
23. Wind Over the Barrens
24. Cold Autumn Night
25. Heather
Winter Patterns
26. Winter Morning
27. Cold
28. Blizzard
29. Northern Lights

30. Hand Mill Game / In Estonian, Setu dialect
31. Bandaging the Fingers Game / from Sangaste parish
32. Boat Game / from Jõelähtme parish

33. Calling Home the Cattle
34. A Milking Spell
35. A Boat Ride to hte Lnd of Wonder
26. Earth
37. Once, Sitting Deep in Thought
38. My Quiet, Lovely Home
39. The Lake Behind the Home

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