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Vision of Estonia III

Veljo Tormis author CD Alba Records 2004

1. The Singer
2. Song of the Ancient Sea
3. Plague Memory
4. Bridge of Song
5. Going to War
6.–13. Dialectical Aphorisms
6. I Dialogue
7. II Coat
8. III Bitch
9. IV Lonely Grove
10. V Axe and Forest
11. VI Idyll
12. VII A Man Is Not Taller Than His Hat
13. VIII Dialogue
14. Song About a Level Land
15. We Are Given
16. An Aboriginal Song
17. The Estonians’ Political Parties Game
18. Song About Keeping Together
19.–27. Martinmas Songs
19. Martinmas Beggars Behind the Door
20. Greeting
21. Words of Blessing
22. Dance
23. Casting a Spell
24. Begging for Gifts
25. Thanking
26. Wishes
27. Ending
28. Christmas Is Coming
29.–31. Shrovetide Songs
29. I Vistel-Vastel
30. II Spell Upon Flax
31. III Sledding Song
32. Three I Had Those Words of Beauty

Estonian National Male Choir, Ants Soots (conductor).

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