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Visions Beyond Estonia

Veljo Tormis author CD Alba Records 2007

1.–3. Bulgarian Triptych
1. I Summer
2. II Wheel
3. III Voice of the Earth
4. North Russian Bylina
5.–7. Three Moldovan-Hungarian Folk Songs
5. I Be Sad, My Sweetheart
6. II Who Is the One Who Truly Loved His Draling…
7. III On Thursday Evening…
8. Three Stars
9.–11. Three Livonian Folk Songs
9. I The Herdboy’s Day
10. II Shrovetide
11. III We Winkie Mouse
12.–14. Pictures from Vormsi’s Past
12. I The Complaint of a Farm Hand
13. II Outside the Storage Door
14. III Wedding Dance
15. Vepsian Winter
16. The Eagle Flew form the North-East
17. People’s Friendship Rhapsody
16. Väinämöinen’s Words of Wisdom

Estonian National Male Choir, Siim Selis (piano), Ants Soots (conductor).

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