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My Native Land, My Dearest Love

Gustav Ernesaks author CD Estonian National Male Choir 2008

1. Let Us Set Out
2. Lilacs, Will You Tell My Fortune?
3. Soldier’s Comfort
4. Sun Set Behind a Lime Tree
5. Estonia Must Be Free
6. Lark
7. Evening on the Shore
8. Christmas Bogey
9. I Was Invited to A Wedding
10. Spring Song
11. Singing Sea
12. A Fisherman Laughs
13. Wave in Rising
14. Winter Loneliness of a Poet
15. Icicle
16. Invitation
17. They Come from the Direction of the Morning
18. Summer Rests
19. Old Boats
20. On the Graves of Old Captains
21. Midsummer Eve
22. Good Bells
23. At the Pedestal of the Monument to Sibelius
24. My Native Land, My Dearest Love

Estonian National Male Choir, conductors: Kuno Areng, Gustav Ernesaks, Uno Järvela, Eri Klas, Olev Oja, Ants Soots, Ants Üleoja

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