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Songs from Childhood

Children's songs by Arvo Pärt ERR 2015

1. I Am Already Big
2. Ladybird's Song
3. Frogs
4. Where Are You, Father Christmas?
5. Santa Claus
6. Let the Snow Swish
7. Firefly's Song
8. The Doll Has No Name
9. Mommy's Kiss
10. The Book
11. Road to School
12. Sleeping Beauty
13. The Little Motor-Scooter
14. The Song of Atom-Boy
15. Summer Waltz

Soloists and ensembles of the Radio Children's Singing Studio, Laulustuudio directed by Kadri Hunt and Kaie Tanner, Sten Lassmann (piano), Mari Poll (I violin), Katariina Maria Kits (II violin), Johanna Vahermägi (viola), Andreas Lend (cello), Meelis Vind (clarinet), Madis Kari (clarinet), Henri Zibo (accordion), Heikko Joosep Remmel (double bass), Madis Metsamart (percussion)

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