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New women's choir music by Estonian composers Academic Women's Choir of the University of Tartu 2015

1.-4. Tõnu Kõrvits "Songs of Song of Songs" (Solomon's Song of Songs)
1. Tell Me
2. Awake, O North Wind
3. Let Us See if the Vine Flourish
4. Love and Death
5. Riho Esko Maimets "I Do Not Wish to Trample" (Peeter Sink)
6. Riho Eko Maimets "The Way of the Saints" (Peeter Sink)
7. Galina Grigorjeva "Песнь Пресвятой Богородице" ("A Prayer to the Virgin Mary")
8. Andres Lemba "Geese and Swans" (Ly Seppel)
9. Mariliis Valkonen "In Your Heart" (Rabindranath Tagore)
10. Rasmus Puur "Geese and Swans" (Ly Seppel)
11.-12. Aare Kruusimäe "Two Love Songs for Women's Choir" (Betti Alver, Debora Vaarandi)
11. Life's Sanctuary
12. The Nocturnal Violins
13.-16. Jonas Tarm "Backwords" (Kaalu Kirme)
13. White Horse and Swinging Shoots
14. Spider Webs
15. The Wind Is Blowing
16. Drops
17. Pärt Uusberg "Evening of the Night-Birds" (Ly Seppel)
18. Olav Ehala "A Little Painful" (Viiu Härm)
19. Alo Ritsing "Snow Falls" (Indrek Hirv)

Academic Women's Choir of the University of Tartu, conductor Triin Koch

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Kõrvits, Tõnu
Touch, for bassoon
Grigorjeva, Galina
Two Psalms, for mixed choir
Tally, Mirjam
Warm Life at the Foot of the Iceberg, for clarinet and piano
Seppar, Evelin
Time and the Bell, for mixed choir